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Khotla Man’s Clinic launched in Berea

By Ntsoaki Motaung

Ministry of Health and Jhpiego Lesotho hosted an event at Ha Mokhothu in the district of Berea today, where the minister of Health Honourable Nkaku Kabi officially launched man’s clinic called “Khotla”.

“It has come to everyone’s realization that men do not like consulting with clinics and hospitals in the country but with men’s clinic being in the country the response has been very promising,” the minister said.

Up on giving services to males at Khotla, male patients will be attended by male nurses especially who went through traditional initiation school. This makes it easier for males to feel very comfortable other than when being attended by females in other clinics.

During his remarks Hon Kabi mentioned that their main challenge as the ministry in the country is lack of specialists, so as to address this issue, very soon he will be opening SETSI SA specialists Hlotse Motebang hospital and Mafeteng.

Speaking on the same event on behalf of the United States Embassy Aleisha Rozario, Country Director at Jhpiego said it has been their main priority to actively engage in promoting good health and healthy families, as clients, partners, agents of change men can help drive better health outcomes for their families and their communities.

“Since we have begun providing services for men we have circumcised over 180,000 males, targeting men who are 15 years old and above. With the commitment of the Ministry of Health and their support every day we get closer to ensuring that every man has been reached” she said.

It is on the same event where services like, male circumcision, STIs testing, testing for HIV, testing for sugar diabetes, checking for blood pressure, family planning, and advice on cancer and lectures about Prep (Pre_ Exposure Prophylaxis) were provided.

After launching the clinic officially, the event will be hosted annually as to go throughout all country districts to bring closer to men high quality health services that are flexible and suitable for them.

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