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Metsing takes the fall


Maseru – The leader of Lesotho Democratic Congress and the former Deputy Prime Minister –Honourable Mothenjoa Metsing admitted responsibility for all the hurt and the pain his government caused the nation during the 2015 to 2017 regime.

Speaking at the public discussion that was hosted by the Transformation Resource Centre last week, Metsing said that the Government Of national Unity will help to right the wrongs of the past.

“We hurt each other, especially me because I was part of the government; I take responsibility for hurting the nation especially you Professor Nqosa Mahao. You were hurt because you lost your brother during our regime” he confessed.

He continued to point back to the 1970s BNP regime, blaming it for all the woes Lesotho has sunk in. BNP regime and Lesotho Liberation Army caused a lot of pain for the nation according to him.

Additionally, he suggested that those who were part of the 2017 coalition regime should publicly apologize to the nation for all the pain they caused without politicising anything.

“Even if justice is served, we should apologise so that we can forgive and forget. The Government of National Unity is our way to truth and reconciliation” he concluded.

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