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Anxiety and Suspense as final matches loom


Maseru- It has come down to the last league matches, but the ultimate winner is not yet confirmed.

The winner shall be known at the end of last match day games. Normally, the last games kick off simultaneously to avoid unfair permutation should they play at different times.

Not only is the champion not yet confirmed, a couple of teams still stand a chance to find themselves in the top 8. The only sure case is the top 4. Four teams have already booked their places there.

The other uncertainty is at the relegation zone. There are three teams (Mazenod Swallows, Gallaxy FC and Majantja) whose survival or relegation will also be known at the end of that last match day. The rock bottom rock Majantja has 18 points and second last Swallows has 19.  Galaxy on the other hand is on position 12, and it is not yet safe.

Should they not win their last match, wins from the bottom two can see them demoted. But if they all win, Majantja and Swallows will definitely go down. On the other hand, Bantu enjoyed the peak of the log for about 24 hours or less than that. That was after their win over Lioli. But Tse Putsoa reclaimed their position the following day when they beat Sefothfotha.

Bantu are inferior to Matlama by two points. Should they win and Matlama draw, they will be square with points, and shall be crowned the champs for the three times straight. Bantu has a better goal difference than that of the log leaders. But if they all win, Matlama will be this season’s champions.

The next edition of Top 4 will be without Lioli FC because they were ousted by LDF FC, who currently occupy the fourth place. They will defend their title without being part of it.

Speaking in the post-match interview of their match against Lioli, the defending champions’ coach, James Madidilane, explained how important it is for his team to win their remaining match. “I don’t wish for Matlama to lose, but if they slip up, we should be in a better position to capitalise. If they win it, then congratulations to them, they deserve it, and we have tried our best,” he stressed.

Back when handful games were left, he also said that the league was Matlama’s to lose because they have had it in their pockets for the longest time.

But Matlama head coach Thabile Secker has remained modest about his team winning it. “We have to win our last match in order to be on the safe side.  A win will do it. I don’t want us team to rely on other teams’ results to be sure. That game is very important, and we’re facing a tough opponent,” he previously emphasized.

A team that wants more shall win it.

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